Community websites to support
and empower local communities

We created INandAROUND so that communities could have an online place to call their own and communicate with others.

INandAROUND sites cover a geographical area such as a ward, a borough, district, a parish, town or village or an entire county. Each INandAROUND site is often part of a larger area. We started off creating INandAROUND for ourselves with 17 INandAROUND websites covering North East Lincolnshire down to town and ward level. Most recently we’ve been working in partnership to build and INandAROUND family of website to cover Nottinghamshire.

The sites are not a “public sector” database. Nor are they a “private sector” database of shops or a ‘business directory’. They are about community spaces, community places, civic society organisations and groups, charities and more.

The INandAROUND sites share what’s happening in each area and each community – the issues and news that’s important and local. If you’re a voluntary and community sector organisation then the sites are the place for you to engage with each other and your community.

The sites are for the voluntary and community sector and by the sector. You can get involved and help make the sites happen.

INandAROUND sites are news about the sector, for the sector and from the sector. They are a directory of organisations, groups, places and people. They are a place for discussion, comment and engagement. They are a “notice board” that tell people about important local issues. They are a place to share resources and useful information. And, as a rule, they are free for the communities and voluntary/community organisations to use, develop and engage with.

Which sites can I visit?

We built North East Lincolnshire first.
Visit NEL, Grimsby or Cleethorpes.
Or visit a ward level site.

Nottinghamshire sites also exist.
All Nottinghamshire is here, and Bassetlaw is currently under construction.
District sites will follow for Broxtowe, Gelding and the other Nottinghamshire districts.

Can we get a site for our area?

Yes. There are licencing fees and the websites need to be installed, commissioned and built appropriately for your needs and area.  So some time, effort and money will be needed.  Unfortunately we don’t just ‘switch IAA site on’ like a Facebook Page (yet), so you’ll need to get in touch to discuss how this can be done for your area.  It worked for Nottinghamshire where the sector had been funded to improve communications across the sector and provide a ‘voice of the sector’ channel, so it could work for you too.

I’m a member of the public – what do I get from the sites?


We’re a voluntary/community sector organisation – what features do the sites offer me?

The sites are a place to promote your organsation, share your messages and news and to engage with the community through conversations and information sharing.  Part news, part directory, part information space – your organisation can contribute to all of this.  Find out much more in our Features run down here.

Can I speak to someone about INandAROUND?

Get in touch with Karl Elliott at Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) in Grimsby.  He built INandAROUND and manages all aspects of the initiative.
Use 01472 361043 or