One online place for the whole Bassetlaw community

Not a public sector or private sector database or website.  This is a site about the community, for the community and built by the community.

Share your news

Got some news to share from your charity, voluntary group or social enterprise?  Post it on INandAROUND news pages.

Holding an event? Got a new service to promote? Need volunteers? Need some support with something? Newsletters, minutes, posters or general updates. It can all go on the news blog.

Add it via “Add your news” or get a login (and some training) and you can do it yourself.

Your local news on one website might then be shared across other geographically connected INandAROUND websites.

Use it as another way to reach another community audience online.

Engage your community through conversations

The rich commenting features on INandAROUND mean you can have ‘conversations’ with the community.  Another way to engage people, talk, support or promote your services to them.

News items can have comments, but so can your Organisation listing on the site.  A great way to get conversations going.

We use Disqus to power our commenting.  It’s safe, secure, powerful, great for moderation and visitors can use a variety of ways to sign in.  By using Disqus we avoid all those unpleasant anonymous comments you often see on news sites.  We want the conversations to be useful.

Promote your Organisation online…

Use our locally focused directory to list your organisation on INandAROUND.

Start with your contact detail basics, but you can add a description, logo, a couple of photos, opening hours, descriptions of your services or whatever is useful to you.

If you have a physical building that the community can visit or know about then we list you as a PLACE and you’ll get popped onto the embedded Google Map so people can find you easily.

Operate across a wider area? Not got an office? We can still list you as an ORGANISATION (without that pin on the map).

Not got your own website?  Have one on us

If you’ve got your own website then great – add a link to it.

Got Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or more? Link to those too.  And add as much or as little extra information as you want.

But if you’ve not got a website at all then INandAROUND can be your website.  Make the most of the page we can provide (for free).  Add lots of words, pictures and info and turn it into a single page “website” that you can direct people to.  For the very smallest groups or those with little funding or technical skills this can be vital.

And if you need a customised link to make it simpler for people to find you then we can help with that too.  www.inandaround.org.uk/myorganisationname might work for you.

or link to your existing stuff

Or as mentioned, simply link out to your existing online channels or other places you might be listed online.

or link it to your news

If you’re creating news on the INandAROUND website regularly then we can add it to your directory page as well.  Visitors can see everything you’re up to all in one place.

Our search box helps people find out about you

We’ve got a number of ways for people to find you and your organisation.

Custom pages lead people to PLACES or ORGANISATIONS which are then broken down by features.  So if someone is looking for a community centre or a charity or a group supporting older people, then if we’ve added that detail to your listing then we’ll help people find you.  They can also use a local map to help.

But our clever search box allows people to start typing words and things they want to look for and locate you easily.

Chances are your organisation is listed in many directories online. Duplication is common, but we’re not looking to add too much to that duplication.  We’re more interested that people are generally using INandAROUND to find information they need about their community – and that could mean your organisation too.  If you link out to many other websites too then that’s great.  But perhaps we can bring them back to INandAROUND to have a discussion with you… ?

Get training – learn to do all or some of it yourself

Any group can be trained to do some of these edits themselves.  Support organisations such as VANEL or BCVS have trained staff and INandAROUND ‘champions’ to help.  And if you need something writing or editing then we can help.  But due to resources we might not be the quickest to respond.  So why not do it yourself?

You can add your news.  You can add comments, join in discussions or even moderate comments related to you.  Or edit your directory page to make sure you are kept up to date.

If you need training we can provide it – and we have a private support and help forum online too that you’ll get a password to to support you even more.

Got a community issue?

The community sites are a place for wider community conversations too.

If there are big issues in your area that groups and the public know about, need to know about or need to be involved with, then these can be covered in their own dedicated pages in the correct geographical INandAROUND website.  And you or your group are key in these issues, why not get involved in keeping the pages edited and up to date yourself.

In North East Lincolnshire in the past we’ve had dedicated pages for Neighbourhood Watch schemes, for Community First funding areas, for Winter Planning volunteering initiatives, to share news about planning issues, to gather interest in new projects and more.

Funding Searches

Nottinghamshire INandAROUND websites also have access to a dedicated Funding search page as part of the Nottinghamshire Together initiative.


Not sure if INandAROUND is relevant to your non-profit organisation (it is.) Then contact us direct to have a discussion and find out more.